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Copper Creek, Idaho - September 2nd, 2007

The last camping trip of the year over Labor Day Weekend.  Maureen and I went to a little campground just below the Canadian border.  It was cold but after all the heat and dry weather we were finally able to have a camp fine again so we stayed nice and warm together.  The scenery was beautiful but did not often lend itself to good photos due to all the smoke and haze from the many forest fires in Washington and Idaho.  Never the less, we were able to have Dutch Apple Pie on a mountain top at 8000+ feet (2440+ meters) and enjoy some incredible scenery with at least 6 rows of mountain ranges in the distance.


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The Copper Creek Falls

Inside the falls "crater"

Maureen discovered these amazing toads

Western Toad (Bufo Boreas)

Another willing photographic model

On top of the mountain

Our Dutch Apple Pie eating spot

Rows upon rows of mountain ranges in the distance





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