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The Yaak Attack -  June 29th- July 1st, 2007

Another short, wonderful weekend getaway in the northern tip of Idaho and northwestern Montana.  The route:  Hayden, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, into Montana, Yaak, Rexford, Eureka, Libby, Troy, back into Idaho, Clark Fork, Sandpoint and Hayden.


Here is our route:

The Yaak Attack as it is known by the locals

The Troy Loop from last weekend for comparison


We kept switching cameras so it is a little hard to figure out who took what photo.  So I have divided the photos up by camera.


Click on thumbnail to view photo


Nikon Coolpix 8800

The Yaak River Falls

A colapsed cabin from the old west

The Pete Creek Campground near Yaak

A clean campsite, lots of trees, photogenic cliffs, water, restrooms and a great, sandy swimming area with a small gravel beach. Several of the campsites are "walk-in" meaning there is nowhere within 50-100 feet to park a car or camper.

Heading down from the mountain pass east of Yaak into the Libby Damm reservoir valley across from Rexford, MT

Our first view of Lake Koocanusa - the Libby Dam Reservoir

The name of this lake is completely made up: "Koo" from Kootenai National Forest, "can" for Canada and, of course, "usa" for the USA.

The Ross Creek Cedar Grove. These are ancient, old growth cedar trees, the largest of which are 500+ years old. A beautiful area!


Panasonic DMC-FZ50

The Yaak River Falls

The remains of an old hunting cabin

The old west cabin again

The grand town of Yaak, which consists of about a half dozen buildings

A small creek east of Yaak

We had a huge storm the day we left leaving most of the northern tip of Idaho and northwestern Montana with lots of trees down and without electricity

The locals were very busy cutting trees from the roads everywhere around us. Quite a few people where stuck because roads were blocked.

Lake Koocanusa with the mountains in the backgound

The Libby Dam

A hawk sitting at the base of the dam - on the second cement wall

The Ross Creek Cedar Grove

How did the logging industry miss these?

Setting the camera for a photo into the canopy

These are either intertwined roots or a burl.

In a campground on Lake Ponderay near Clark Fork





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