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The big Troy Loop - 23rd and 24th, 2007

With the crops only a few inches tall in most places, the fields looks almost unnatural in many places.  The green was unbelievable.  A beautiful little trip we have to repeat very soon.


Here is our route:

The Troy Loop

Our Yaak Attack loop from the next photo set for comparison


Click on thumbnail to view photo


Maureen's Photos

Our campsite

The Kootnai Falls

Talking with some Canadians from right across the boarder

Lolo Pass in the Lolo National Forest

Andreas' Photos

Heading towards the Moyie Springs campsite east of Bonners Ferry, ID

Visiting a little campgound along the way in search of the perfect campsite

I cannot currently remember which dam this is. I will have to figure it out

A dam on the Moyie River

The bridge across the Moyie River - one of the tallest spans in Idaho

A sawmill across the river valley

The entrance to our campground

The Kootnai River flows in from the bottom right and the Moyie River flows in behind the tree in the left. This is the confluence of the two rivers.

The Kootnai River

The Moyie River

The Moyie River from our campsite

A photo experiment. Did it work? Hmmmm...

An Osprey on a tree across the river

And another one

Heading eastwards along the Kootnai River towards Troy, MT

Checking out the Yaak River Campground #1. There is another one on the other side of the river which we checked out in the "Yaak Attack" photo set.

Rumor has it that this campsite has a sandy swimming beach. We did not find it but we did not know about it until later. We will have to come back and investigate further.

Onward to Troy, MT

The Kootnai River Falls - very impressive!

Crazy kayakers going over the falls. It is at least a 30 foot sheer drop.

I love this photo. I think I will enter it into a local photo contest.

Another campsite we visited that we did not like very much - too crowded and too many boats!

Near the Ross Creek Cedar grove that we will visit in the "Yaak Attack" photo set

At this time it was still blocked off due to a big rock slide from the mountains above

Bad Medicin Campground - not what we were looking for but still quite nice. Small and cozy but it has a big road nearby.

Crossing the Thompson Pass heading for Murray and Prichard.






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