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We met Jack and Marilyn in Seattle before they came to Hayden

A fantastic getaway with the New Jersey contingent



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Photo by Maureen

Eastern Washinton

The Columbia River near Vantange

Vantage on far side of the river

Crossing the Columbia River

Crossing the Columbia River

Arriving in Vantage

Crossing Snoqualmie Pass East of Issaquah and Seattle

The clouds trapped against the mountains were incredible

Waking up in Seattle

Skyscrapers in the clouds

Pike Place Market


Maureen and her father, Jack

Puget Sound from Pike Place Market

Street Musician

Flowers in the market

Marilyn and Maureen

Downtown from the market

Ferry boats leaving their port

Hot peppers

A street performer with a trained African Grey Parrot

A view along narrow streets

A back alley

Pioneer Square

Photo by Marilyn

Rooms for rent: 75 cents???

Seattle's regionally famous bookstore

Indigents around Pioneer Square

Under the freeway near the piers

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

A ferry boat at sunset

Downtown Seattle from the piers on the waterfront

A shadow of a cargo ship near sunset

Something big happened here. I do not know what but there were police officers everywhere.

Notice the steep slope of Seattle's streets.

Sunset over Seattle

A wonderful dinner on the pier

Streets at night

Photo by Marilyn


Visiting the Seattle Center. Space Needle in background.

Photo by Marilyn

Elevators on Space Needle

Roses in Rose Garden near Space Needle

Front Entrance and Gift Center

Daughter and Mother next to one of the feet of the Space Needle

Photo by Marilyn

Leaving Seattle and heading home after a wonderful weekend!


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