2006 Reunion

Pullman High School

Class of 1986

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My 20 year High School Class Reunion - August 12th, 2006

What a wonderful chance to see and catch up with great old friends!  I miss all of you guys!

  • If you have any photos that I can add to this collection, please contact me!!!  I will add them to this webpage and the zip file above for easy, one stop shopping for everyone in our class.  Thanks!!!

  • The zip file containing all of these photos in a single, easy to download file has been removed due to the limited space available for this website.  If you are interested in obtaining high resolution (up to 8 mega pixel) copies of these photos, please contact me and I will mail you a CD with all the photos on it.


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Pullman High School Class of 1986 - 20 Year Reunion



My Photos

Photos taken by Jutta and Heidi are below

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen



Jutta's Photos

Thanks, Jutta, for sending these to me to add here!!!




Heidi's Photos from her Kodak Site posting

Heidi, I hope it is ok that I re-posted these.  I tried several times to email you but got no response. 

Please let me know if you would prefer to have me remove them.  Thanks for all of your efforts at our reunion!




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