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2006 Photo Galleries



Friends & Family

Just one photo here but it is a great one by Maureen while on the job
A quiet, relaxing Christmas with Mom and Dad - just the four of us.
With the Braunlich-Anderson Clan. 
Can you imagine them big city folks way out here?  What a wonderful visit!!!
A great weekend in Seattle with Maureen's parents
Various photos of the two of us from 2003 through 2006
Maria's 7th birthday party with all of her friends at the Andersons
The Anderson Clan visits us at Honeysuckle Beach on Hayden Lake
The Pullman High School Class of 1986 20 Year Reunion
The 4th of July with family and friends
A fun family day that was far too short because I was far too tired
Getting firewood with my friend, Jim
Mica throws a great BBQ party
Part 2 of our day with Wendy and Brice continues with a nice cool evening walk along the lake in Sandpoint
Part 1 of our outing with Brice and Wendy.  Petting wolves?  Snuggling with wolf cubs?  Wow!

Our new friends invite us out on a great afternoon outing!

A beautiful holiday with the Andersons

We all had fun!

Very nice scenery in the north Idaho woods.  Also a great view of Post Falls below the snow covered mountains.

The annual Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation Powwow

North Idaho Living

Another weekend photo outing
Newport, Priest Lake and several places in between
Visiting Spokane on a Sunday afternoon
The city of Rathdrum and the surrounding area
A warm, sunny day in and around the Coeur d'Alene National Forest
A visit to my old home town during my class reunion
Between the afternoon and evening functions during my class reunion, Maureen and I took some photos... of course!
Elk with huge racks (horns) south of Coeur d'Alene
A very nice nearby lake
A big annual Powwow in Post Falls, Idaho
A wonderful, scenic state park and a nearby town built into the lake
Exploring our new home and surroundings
Various photos around Mom &Dad's house and our new apartment
Some random photos from May 2006
Andreas finally gets an interview.  Employment hopes sore!
An April look at the house and lake in Coeur d'Alene

Lake Coeur d'Alene and the Centennial Trail - Parts 1 & 2

A looking-for-work break?  A short trip to Sandpoint.

Beautiful sunsets on March 26th & 27th

A weekend photo-outing to Wallace, Idaho

Deer in the darkness, the house covered in fresh snow, birds on a frozen lake, Kristina and the girls visit and a herd of elk passes within 10 yards (meters) of us

Moving West

Click on map to enlarge

Our whole trip is outlined in the section below.  What an amazing adventure!

Sick and tired, we finally make it to our new home

Not much here photo-wise but still very beautiful

Lots and lots of photos.  Again, a huge page to load and very slow.  But oh so much to see wit the Grand Canyon, Montezuma's Castle, the Hoover Dam and a great visit with the Hamiltons

Sorry, this is a huge page and will be very slow to load.  But it does contain some of the best photos of our trip and is probably one of the most interesting to look at of all of them so far.

The Cadillac Ranch and some other very interesting scenery

What a nice state!  And a wonderful chance to visit an old friend also!

We really just traveled through but we did stop by a nice little scenic lake

Memphis with Beale Street and Sun Studios was very interesting

We drove through these states rather quickly so there isn't that much to see here.  Unadilla, Georgia was pretty interesting though.

Leaving Florida and saying goodbye to some great friends

The last day before the moving van arrives.  Where will we sleep tomorrow night?

A weekend of packing in our apartment

These photos were taken for the purpose of getting moving insurance


Nature and Various Outings

A few birds but a somewhat uneventful outing

The birds, turtles and a gator at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Our first little outing of the new year:

Sunset on Singer Island



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