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Centennial Trail along Lake Coeur d'Alene - March 28th & 29th, 2006

Part 2 - March 29th:  Another walk was necessary to complete our first real Centennial Trail experience along Lake Coeur d'Alene - one trip just didn't cover it.  This time we went all the way to the end and then followed the beach around the little peninsula where the paved trail ends.  Unfortunately, the beach turned into rock cliffs but we were able to persevere and get all the way around it never the less.  It was a lot of fun but we are now both tired and sore.


Part 1 - March 28th:  After getting our job applications out for today we decided to go on a little walk along this trail we had heard about from our new friends in the area.  The Centennial Trail is fantastic, offering wonderful walking and biking along the scenic lake.  On the way to and from the lake, Maureen re-learned how to drive a car with a manual transmission.  The drove like a pro right from the beginning even though it has been many years since she has had to drive with a stick shift.


Timeline: Earliest photo sets are at the bottom of the page.  The more recent ones are at the top.


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Part 2 - March 29th

This is either an eagle or an osprey nest.

Close-up of previous photo

Close-up of previous photo

Close-up of previous photo

Close-up of previous photo

My parent's home is about another 1/2 mile up this freeway

Hi Maureen!





Part 1 - March 28th

There are lots of cute little private docks along the side of the lake

The "lawn" between the paved path and the rocky beach consisted of an interesting mixture of mosses that was very pretty

It is always fun to play with reflections on the water, don't you think?

Maureen driving with a manual transmission!

These last few sunset photos were once again taken from the balcony at my parents home.



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