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Sandpoint, Idaho - March 27th, 2006

To celebrate Maureen's job interview, that went very well this morning, we decided to take a quick trip to Sandpoint, Idaho.  It is a beautiful town that definitely requires more time to see and visit then we had today.  Another trip will hopefully follow soon (after other interviews or maybe even job offers).


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Scenes from Sandpoint

A creative bench

I like this heavy duty, simple log furniture that is popular in the Pacific Northwest

Very creative Sandpoint t-shirts

This is a shop that specializes in things made from antlers

Have you ever heard of a white moose?

Could this be true? Alas... how far have we fallen?

Are you a Democrate, Republican or Idaho Republican? Find out here!





Various buildings I found interesting




How often does one get to see a sandy beach

with snow covered mountains?




Trains passing through the city


Between the downtown strip and the beach lies

this cute little, empty marina




A Muskrat?

Is that what this is?


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