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A few photos we took while learning our way around our new home


Timeline: Earliest photo sets are at the bottom of the page.  The more recent ones are at the top.


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The Elk Encounter


This herd of 14 elk surprised us this morning (Saturday, March 18th, 2006) at 7am.  At first I only saw one of them behind the neighbors house and decided to wake Maureen so she could see it also.  By the time she woke up and came to the window 10 seconds later, there were at least half a dozen of them coming down the hill behind the hill behind the neighbor's house.  The entire herd slowly, casually crossed the hillside between the two houses and walked right below the bedroom and living room corner windows.  We kept running back and forth between the bedroom, bathroom and living room corner windows in complete amazement.  The only sad thing is that there is quite a bit of window glare in the photos.  We were not ready to run outside in 0 degree (-20 degree Celsius) weather in our pajamas not to mention that we would have scared the entire herd away had we done so.





Maureen and I needed some time alone together and

decided to go on a walk and check this place out





Mom & Dad's House

This fresh snow fell the day we took Mom & Dad

to the airport for their trip to Hawaii




Birds on a partially frozen lake nearby




Superbowl Sunday


Mark was watching the Stuporbowl with his brother so Kristina and the girls came over to spend the day with us.  We had a lot of fun.  Maureen and I are enjoying getting to know the girls a bit better and are looking forward to our first chance to baby-sit!





Deer at night


Almost every night Maureen and I see either deer or elk in our headlights when we drive home in the dark.  Unfortunately, there guys have become leery of us and are getting harder and harder to photograph.  They just do not want to hold still long enough for me to get the car headlights aimed right at them and then take a photo.  The main reason for these photos is because Kristina does not believe these critters exist.





Coeur d'Alene

City Park



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