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January 11th and 12th

These photos were taken to document all of my music stuff so I could get them insured for moving.


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(Amps and other gear at bottom of page)



1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe

S/N 399861

This guitar currently has EMG pickups installed in it.

However, the original pick guard with the original fender

electronics are still intact for easy reinstallation.



1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom

S/N 90427536



1980s Westbury Les Paul Clone

S/N 088052

I believe this is an early Ibanez prototype

This guitar actually belonged to Kirsten but she

did not want to take it along when she left



1984 Ibanez Roadstar II RS530 with EMG pickups

S/N I840456

This is my very first guitar



1985 Ibanez Roadstar II RS530

S/N E851491

I found this guitar while visiting a friend in Orlando

It is identical to the one above except for the color.



1989 Fender Stratocaster with EMG pickups

S/N 958661

The original electronics are Fender Lace Sensors and they are

still intact on the original pick guard for easy reinstallation.


PS:  Thanks Steve, for the serial number lesson.

So, E stands for Eighties... and the first number is a 9

therefore this is a 1989 Strat.  The things ya learn!  Amazing!



1999 Jackson Randy Rhoads Model

S/N Well Hidden! 

Must be stamped on inside of instrument



2001 Ibanez RG270DX

S/N C00051738

This guitar sure is dusty!



2002 Ibanez S Series

S/N 50107998



2002 Takamine G Series Model EG540SC

S/N 3189016



2003 Fender Zone Bass

S/N 3150877

I got this bass for about $80 because it did not work

and the shop, Mars Music was going out of business.

It had a cold solder joint and took 5 minutes to repair.

It is a great bass with all active Fender original electronics.



2002 or 2003 Ibanez S370DX with EMG pickups

S/N C02100943



2004 Fender 1954 Stratocaster Reissue

S/N DZ4001896

I love the v-neck on this guitar.



2004 Fender 1972 Telecaster Deluxe Reissue

S/N MZ3238945

I only got this guitar because I wanted to take the pick guard

with the EMG pickups out of my 1974 original Tele and restore

it to its factory condition and then put the EMGs into this one,

but I have not gotten around to it yet.




(Other gear at bottom of page)



Mid to late 1980s Fender 85 1x12 Combo

S/N LO-13417



Late 1980s Ampeg VT-60 Halfstack

S/N V6HDB90087

This amp has been nicely hot-rodded by the Amp Shop

in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Now it sounds great!


I bought this amp on September 4th, 1990 at the Monte

Vista Guitar Shop in Tacoma Washington.  Coincidentally,

this is the same day I met my ex-wife Kirsten.  She drove

me to the shop to buy the amp because my car had broke

down.  This is how we met.  Now, years later, she is gone

but the amp remains.


1997 Ampeg Reverberocket R-212R 2x12 Combo

S/N AAIDI90184

This amp also had an Amp Shop of WPB overhaul!



Other Gear

This list is incomplete and since I am out of time, it will probably stay this way for now.



Digitech GNX3 Guitar Processor

Boss GT-6 Guitar Processor

Yamaha DR-55 Drum Machine

Behringer Virtualizer Pro Effects Processor

Behringer Ultra -Voice Pro Vocal Processor

Rocktron Gainiak Guitar Pre-Amp

Alesis 3630 Compressor


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