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Where poverty, hopelessness, neglect and hurricane damage meet, just 60 miles east of the wealth of Palm Beach

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The sugarcane fields 30-40 miles west of Palm Beach. 1/4 of American sugar comes from right here, folks.

The soil is black from buring the chafe

These canals provide both irrigation and drainage. After all, before people came along, this was the swampland of the Everglades.

Route 441 through Belle Glade

Interesting footprints in the muck

The roads along the canals through the fields. There is a lot of crushed coral and sea shells in it that are everywhere in the soil around here.

Photo by Maureen

Trucks along route 441. Photo by Maureen.

Part of the old road.

Photo by Maureen

This shack smelled so badly that I was afriad to go into it.

Now only the wasps and the animals live here.

What a nice car!

This looks like an ad in a magazine!

The birds come...

and go. I took the first shot and Maureen took this one.

Burning the sugarcane fields

Sugar plant. From here there were 4 others just like it visible on the horizon.

One truckload of sugarcane after another is delivered here non-stop all day long. We were only there for about 10 minutes and there must have been 50 trucks that drove past us or more during that time.

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Wrecked boats, part of the damage left behind be Hurricane Wilma were all over the shores of Lake Okeechobee in Pahokee

For some reason, I found water towers very interesting today

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Hanging out at the package store

Hurricane Wilma leaves its mark

An old movie theater

Storm damage, neglect or both? These scenes are everywhere in this little town.

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen. Another sugar plant in the background. The air was full of smoke and smelled of burned sugar.

Photo by Maureen

Photo by Maureen

Landscaping in Pahokee

An abandoned gas station

The empty strip mall with a parking lot full of roofing shingles next door

Almost everything either had bars on the wondows or is covered with plywood

An abandoned apartment complex in the middle of an entire neighborhood of abandoned houses and other apartment buildings.

I think people still live here.

Right across the street is a high dollar palm tree plantation in

immaculate condition

Photo by Maureen

Route 717 east out of Pahokee

Photo by Maureen

Maureen noticed a huge flock of birds including cattle birds, heron, storks and others all resting in some trees need a big canal.

Every one of them as white.

Once again, route 441. This time back towards the east and home.

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