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A Little Personal Stop Followed By the Central Park Zoo


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Bill Wilson gave this book to his wife Lois in 1941. She later gave it to the GSO in 1976.

Sister Ignatia's Medallion

Copies of the very first printing of the first edition

Copies of all the printings of the first edition

The Lasker Award given in 1951 by the American Public Health Association

Printing plates from the first edition

The front entrance on the eleventh floor

The Serenity Prayer in many different languages

There is no sign on the building or any way of knowing the GSO office is here without asking at the front desk of the building

The GSO office is located in the Inter Church Center at 475 Riverside Drive

Sea Lions at the Central Park Zoo

What a strange scene: Sea Lions with skyscrapers in the background

Maureen in the penguin viewing area

Snow Monkeys

Interestingly, these guys hold still far better than the women in Maureen's family while they are being photographed.

I am not quite sure what that says about evolution, but it must be important!

This duck stood on one leg for a very, very long time. For all I know, it still is today.

A Red Panda

This little guy did not hold still at all and I am aware of at least one theory that claims this guy is related to the Dolan Clan - on the women's side!!!

This seal is considered to be the zoo's senior citizen at over thirty years old.

Getting eye drops

Central Park just outside the zoo

These next few photos are just random things I found interesting on our walk back to the subway station

Photo by Maureen

This is a steam-stack over a manhole in the street

The Late Show with David Letterman in the Ed Sullivan Theater

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