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1986-1999 Photo Galleries


  • All of these images were scanned from 35mm film prints or negatives.

  • All dates are approximate.  I tried my best to estimate the timeline but this happened a long time ago, in an entirely different lifetime.  Further input from anyone who knows about these events would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I've forgotten many names.  I am very sorry - again, it was a long time ago and a lot has changed.


1996-1999 Living near Cleveland, Ohio
Great Expectation A crazy idea
Keithley A few photos from the "new" company
Visiting Philadelphia A business trip that Kirsten joined me on
Kenston Kirsten gets a job teaching and coaching volleyball
Headmans in PA Visitng Kirsten's uncle and aunt while her grandparents are there also
Rapids Road Our new home in Ohio
1993-1995 Living in Pullman, Washington
Kauai Visiting Kauai just before we move to Ohio
IST A few photos from the family business
San Diego A business trip to San Diego with an outing on the last day
China Lake QA Training in hell!
Multi-Family Xmas Christmas celebration about 1 day apart with each of our families
Dean Dean visits from Germany
The Hamiltons My college roommate's family
Pullman Various photos from the Pullman area
Olympia Various photos from Olympia with the Rues
Kirsten Kirsten's mountain biking trip with her cousin
Xmas with the Rues Christmas with the Rues
Rues in Olympia Visiting the Rues in Olympia
Rues in Pullman The Rues visit us in Pullman
1993 Kristen and I visit Europe (Germany and France)
Europe Trip Our trip to Europe
1986-1992 Living in Tacoma, Washington
My 26th Birthday An early b-day celebration and goodbye party before our trip to Europe
Heidi's Wedding A friend of Kirsten's gets married
Honeymoon Our honeymoon without a budget
Rues Senior Kirsten's grandparents
PLU Various photos from my university years at PLU
1985-1986 Living in Pullman, Washington
Morp A dance during my senior year with my friend, Monica



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