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Sui Juris Standard Advice

Believe it or not, everybody's case is pretty much identical.
The "System" has led you to believe you are some kind of "special case".
The absurd accusations they have brought against you are NOT a "mistake".
It is a SCAM to keep you dizzy with fear.
They have not "misunderstood" you.  THEY ARE DOING IT DELIBERATELY.

If you happen to be one of the EXTREMELY LUCKY FEW who have found this data BEFORE you are accused OR you have a situation where you believe YOU MIGHT BE ACCUSED in the near future, please read -

Mission Critical Need To Know Info
About Miranda and being "Mirandized"

Answer their first, simple questions truthfully.   If someone has made and accusation against you or if Johnnie or Suzie told a social worker they fell off the bicycle or down the stairs or hurt themselves on the trampoline, THINGS MIGHT be OK. 

Make sure you document this immediately after the interview on the matter happens.  Recorded or Videotaped is great too.

Beyond that, we advise that you cite your inherent Fifth Amendment Right not to volunteer to tell them anything. Anything you say most assuredly WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU. Anything you say will come back twisted into a virtually unrecognizable tale. The version of YOU they fabricate would be unrecognizable if it didn't have your name smeared all over it.

Most often, falsely accused people do not seek help until their case has become quite hopeless.  People find Constitutional Rights Advocates like us when they have become DESPERATE.  Usually, any money they had - has already disappeared into a law firm that did not present anything close to a defense. So what are you going to do now that YOU ARE BROKE?

The stages of shock are often ignored, or misunderstood, by the victims of legal abuses, abuse of due process, and official misconduct.

(after you are in the meatgrinder)

Take over your own case, and before going into court sui juris, learn your rights and the process in the court of making the record, and getting your discovery.

No matter what stage your "case" is in, the absolute Number One (#1) thing YOU MUST DO.

Document, Document, Document.
This costs nothing and is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do in your defense.  Keep detailed records of who said what, when, to whom, etc.

Write your own version of history in Sworn Affidavit form
and FILE IT with the Court, the DA, the sheriff, and whoever else that has ANYTHING to do with your case. This is THE ONLY WAY you have appealable "issues" in the future!  You are SWEARING to the truthfulness of your statements.

The system's witchhunter's aren't swearing to ANYTHING. What is SACRED to them that they COULD swear on?)

Learn as much as you can, as fast as you can.

I strongly suggest getting Pamela Gaston's "Sui Juris."  This is a HOW TO MANUAL to get your RECORD into the court and fight your accusers and the system to a stand still.

Quit talking with them!

Personal and phone conversations are where "mistakes" (inventions and fabrications) happen when THEY write their report about the conversations. Words you say float up into the rafters and come back twisted against you.

You are waiving your FIFTH AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and Miranda Rights EVERY TIME you answer a question.


The highest crime you can commit is "Contempt of Court, or the appointees of the court or government. " You may hold them in disdain if you like. But don't be obvious of it and let them know how much.

Since many of them may seem to you like childish morons, sociopathic, and plainly nasty with no discernable social "skills", this can be a difficult task

We have reports of POLICEMEN telling people that their Constitutional Rights and Miranda Rights are only for TV, and what they are doing is "The Real World."

See The Oath of Office

EVERY OATH of OFFICE in the USA includes "support and defend the Constitution."

Your responses:
"I would like to answer your question, but I cannot do that without violating my Fifth Amendment Rights and my Miranda Rights"

"I would like to let you in my house to look around without a Search Warrant, because I have nothing to hide.  But I cannot do that without violating my Fourth Amendment Rights"

Insist on LETTERS to and from the agencies.  They can't alter their words printed on paper that have been mailed to you.   Nor can they alter your words either.  KEEP COPIES of your letters to them.

You had better be telling the truth and citing FACTS you can back up with evidence or witnesse's sworn statements.

Like a spider who has caught a fly, they wrap you up in a cocoon of wildly exaggerated allegations that no lawyer wants to untangle.  And then they suck you dry, as they offer you services.

In a Child Welfare (Warfare?) case, these "services" are being "offered" to you and they want you to willingly "volunteer" for "services".  If you grew up on a farm, you already know all about being "serviced".

The "art" here is in discerning whether they have any intentions of obeying any law and HELPING your family.  Or - are they going to fight you tooth and nail while making you jump through the hoops until they can assassinate your character enough to steal your assets or adopt your kids out (or institutionalize them and keep them on dope until they turn 18 and no longer of value for government funding, their funding, not your's or your family's.)

They will keep you hitting the stone wall until the "waiting period" of "15 out of 22 months" rule time tolls your parental rights away automatically.  Even if you are in 100% compliance with everything in the "service plan", they will dream up something else to prevent reunification.  Or do nothing at all and let the time toll.

They like to take a stab at forcing you to pay child support (from your prison pay if nothing else) if they can swing it (as an insult to injury).  And we have heard of them TPR'ing parents in 6 months because of FAILURE TO SUPPORT.  Which may mean you are supposed to be paying them child support from the minute they kidnap the kids.  They don't mention anything about it or tell you.  That is another "surprise" that just falls out of the sky.

The point is, you may at some point have to determine that "cooperating" with them is doing nothing but sending you deeper into the false allegation and "charges piling" hole and you are being sold up the river.  You are going to have to stop being "afraid of making them mad" and doing whatever they tell you like a slave master and become PROACTIVE.

Get your records - FOIA/Privacy Act/ Open Records.  Anything they FORCE you to sign, sign it "Under Duress".  You can also Rescind your previous signatures.

The decision is entirely yours to make.  You have to decide whether to stand up and fight like a Free and Brave American, or lay down like a Taliban woman and let them beat on you until they are happy.

You have to decide if there is any hope of getting your child(ren), assets, freedom back,and whether anything you do trying to please them matters.

You are being forced to "prove a negative"- that NOTHING HAPPENED.  Or that it certainly did not happen the way they have fabricated the story.

Don't kid yourself.  This isn't the CONSTITUTIONAL American Justice system you read about in school.

By the time they have completely assassinated your character, destroyed your family, and you have lost your marriage, job(s), your home, and your freedom PLEA BARGAINING when you are absolutely innocent may look like a good idea. IT ISN'T.

We are only supplying the moral support, tools, and EDUCATION for YOU to SAVE YOURSELVES.

And you are the only one who can These pages just show you how.

Nothing here is to be construed as "Legal Advice".  We are NOT lawyers, and we are not pretending to be.  [But we have been down the road a fair piece.]

We look forward to the day that government has returned to the Constitution and stopped the outlaw politics and unethical policies.

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