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By Col. Jim Wade

For the past several years the controlled media, liberals, and the enemies of freedom have been trying desperately to paint the militia as criminal, a private army, or outside the law books.

The word liberty means the condition of being free from control by others and when someone is being accused of something, that accusation should be proven. In common law, you have the right to face your accuser, and in the Bible, through the mouth of three witnesses was a fact established. Past history should stand as a reflection of the mistakes we can make by false witnesses.

The militia concept is not something new. It goes back to the beginning of civilized man. Read Genesis 14:9 through 16; this is the story of Abram arming his trained servants to fight.

The militia is mentioned frequently in our Constitution. We are asking people to again come to some kind of sense, some kind of recognition that you can not judge the book by its cover.

A law abiding patriot is just that. He respects the law no matter what he wears or how he appears. I am a militiaman no matter how I am dressed. In a suit, in camouflage, in shorts and tank-top. It does not change who I am. I am law abiding.

Does wearing camouflage mean that you are in the militia? Answer; certainly not! Camo can be worn by kids who buy them at Wal-Mart, or any terrorist from Iran to Ireland to Japan. Or by active duty Army or Marines or by anyone who chooses to. An individual is still responsible for his or her own actions.

Is a person to be judged by the company he keeps? I served in the Marines, one of the finest military organizations in the world, recognized as superior in every aspect of discipline, honor and values. Yet there have been Marines who have committed murder, have passed secrets to the enemy, had bad conduct, even theft. Recently, two marines were convicted of rape of a young girl in Okinawa. Does this conduct of a very few bad apples reflect that all Marines are bad? Certainly not!

Here in Indiana a few years ago there was a state trooper who shot and maimed his wife and shot and killed her lover. Convicted of murder, he escaped, was hunted down, and is now in prison again. Does this mean that all State troopers are murderers? Certainly not!

Convicted mass murderer John Wayne Gacy had worked as a clown and was also a volunteer fireman. Does this mean that all persons who work as clowns or are on the volunteer fire department are mass murderers? Certainly not!

People must be held responsible for their own actions and not judged as a group. Throughout this country, there are millions of militia members who have taken seriously their oath to support and defend the Constitution of these United States. Each is responsible for themselves.

These militia men and women are good, hard working individuals. We have among our ranks doctors, nurses, EMTs, attorneys, veterinarians, chiropractors, dentists, executives, former military officers & NCOs. Any profession you wish to name, many college graduates. These people have seen our nation going down the drain for years. They know this nation is now broken!

This great Republic belongs to WE the People: We own it. But those in Washington, elected and appointed, have been given open season to HOCK us all into a five trillion dollar DEBT. If you will just read your contract. Please READ the Constitution. It was written by great Americans, to keep our government in check. It was meant to bind them, not us.

If you will just read this Constitution, you will find that our government is VIOLATING most of it. They are outside the law of the land. The Constitution has been suspended since 1933, by FDR and the War Powers Act. This is how so many of our Presidents use the illegal Presidential Executive Orders which bypass Congress. This was never meant to be. The first thing our Constitution does is outlaw legislation by the executive branch. It begins "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress ..." Furthermore, Article 1, section 8, listing the powers of Legislative Branch, ends with this: "To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof." That should be clear enough for all but the deliberately disloyal.

The only course left for us is to stand firm. We must read, study, learn how this evil has come upon us. It has been a very well planned takeover of our country's system. It really began when we began to allow laws to restrict God in our nation. Now we are at that critical point of decision.

The Minutemen were volunteers who agreed to defend their God Given Rights and liberties against the confiscation of their weapons and powder by the British authority. We stand at that same bridge today. What will you do?

May God have mercy on us all, and if we will but turn back to him in spirit and in truth, he will stand with us to return us to a Godly nation again.

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